I am a graduate student attending the University of Alberta studying quantum computers. I am currently enrolled in a Masters degree, but I will be applying for direct transfer to a PhD program of the same topic come fall of 2022.


  • MSc in Electrical and Computer Engineering, Solid State Electronics, University of Alberta, 2022 – present
  • BSc in Engineering Physics Co-op, University of Alberta, 2017 – 2022

Published Work:

  1. J. Chen, Y. Feng, and S. MacKay, Bionanotechnology: Engineering Concepts and Applications. Columbus, OH: McGraw-Hill Education, 2022.

    Wrote section on dielectrophoresis

  2. P. A. Duarte et al., “Single ascospore detection for the forecasting of Sclerotinia stem rot of canola,” Lab on a Chip, vol. 20, no. 19, pp. 3644–3652, 2020.

    Co-author, designed circuitry and conducted experiments